Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp. is a land surveying company that provides a wide array of services in the land surveying & mapping industry throughout East Texas and beyond. Our extensive experience allows us to handle all of your land surveying & mapping needs.

Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp. can assist you with all of your boundary and residential surveying needs. Land surveys can help you in a wide array of situations such as buying, selling, inheriting, transferring or merely determining your actual property boundary lines, and we can assist you in all of your needs.

  • • Title Surveys – Most title companies and lenders will require you to obtain a survey before allowing you to close on your real estate transaction. Livingston Surveying & Mapping can assist you with all of your title surveying needs. Even if your transaction does not involve a title company or lender it is always advisable to obtain a land survey to avoid potential problems in the future.
  • • Boundary Surveys – True boundary surveyors are few and far between. Being able to locate property boundary control, create survey lines, traverse and survey large wooded tracts is something our company is not only very good at doing but also highly efficient when doing such work. Having surveyed so much of the greater South East Texas area Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp. is able to establish and survey your land much more efficient than most surveyors.
  • • Site Surveys – Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp. can assist you with all of your residential site surveying needs. If you are in the process of developing, improving, constructing and/or moving improvements onto your property, then contact us for all of your surveying needs. Knowing the exact location of your boundaries is very important before your begin your next project.

Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp. has over 35+ years of providing surveying related services on large commercial projects. Our company has assisted with various projects related to acquiring, constructing and improving factories and plants, the Lake Livingston Damn, Corps of Engineers projects, and other large scale commercial projects, such as schools, hospitals, large volume residential sites, and other similar projects.

  • • Commercial Projects - We can assist you in all stages of your commercial projects from topographical surveys for ground work, existing site conditions and site preparation to as needed progress site surveys, setting reference points and final As-Built site surveys.
  • • Construction Staking – Our crews are able to stay on-site and assist you with all of your construction staking related needs.
  • • Road, Easement and Right-Of-Ways – Our company can provide services for all of your road, intersection, easement and right-of-way surveying needs.
  • • GIS & GPS Data Collection – Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp. can assist you in any of your survey data collection needs.

Our relationship with other surveying companies and contract survey crews allows us to handle almost all of your commercial project needs regardless of size.

Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp. can easily provide for all of your topographical needs. Whether you are getting ready to develop or improve a tract a land, or if you need to monitor existing site conditions we can assist you.

  • Land developers, agricultural companies, oil & gas companies, engineers, architects, foresters and geologists all utilize are services for providing quality topographical maps and information reports.
  • We can also assist general contractors and engineers with their contouring needs for road and bridge construction.

Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp. can assist you with all of your land partition needs. We offer services that range from pre-purchase planning for developers to court directed partitions for families and joint owners.

  • • Subdivision Developments – Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp can assist you in all of your subdivision planning and platting needs. We assist in pre-purchase planning, establishing lot lines, platting all necessary items to permit your plat to be approved by the County Commissioners and even submittal of your plats to the proper commissioners/authorities.
  • • Partitions – Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp has represented undivided land owners, heirs and court appointed committee's in the partitioning of jointly owned properties.

Contact us today to discuss any of your partitioning and/or development needs.

Livingston Surveying & Mapping Corp. can assist you with all of your elevation certificate needs. If your lender or your insurance company requires a FEMA elevation certificate please contact us today to determine how we can better assist you with such needs.